Super Filter LF-100

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For full lab results on our Super Filters and filter performance, you can view the full independent lab report here.

  • Healthier Water - Remove VOCs introduced into your drinking water through runoff by up to 99%
  • LONG LASTING - Lasts up to 12 months before replacing
  • EASY TO USE - With a quick installation process shown in the images above you'll be drinking healthier water in no time.
  • DISCRETE - Fits inside of the filter housing either on top or underneath your counter.
  • OFFICIAL MANUFACTURER - Only Life Ionizer pre-filters like this will work with your machine.

Click here to see our housing

We recommend you change HOUSINGS every 3 to 5 years as they become brittle from all the chemicals being filtered out of your drinking water

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Edward Kropf
Terrific product and company

This system is very effective in removing debris as evidenced by the filter color change. The staff is excellent for ordering as well as any problems encountered. As a healthcare provider i highly recommend this system