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Life Sciences Water Products provides quality water filter housings with NSF Certification. We provide single housings or 2 and 3 housing configurations with metal brackets and all the tubing and fittings. We remind you that these housings have a large volume of chemical laced water going thru them, which is absorbed by the filter media inside. This brings up two IMPORTANT POINTS:

1. Change your filters at least every 12 months as they have absorbed all the chemical toxins and will no longer protect your Family once exhausted.

2.  Change your housings every 3 to 5 years as they become brittle after all that exposure to toxic chemicals.

" Your housings will be fully assembled with 1/4" tubing and quick connect fittings"
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3 filter housings shipping $59
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if this is a filter system and not part of a Life Ionizer, you will need a  "Cold Water Connect"

We suggest our customers pick out their own faucet from Home Depot are any other source