Coral Calcium Remineralizer

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The Life Ionizers Coral Calcium Remineralizer adds highly bio-available coral calcium as well as 73 other healthy minerals to your drinking water. Drinking water directly from a reverse osmosis system, devoid of all minerals, may actually be harmful to your health in the long run. Water ionizer owners that use or would like to use an RO system must use a remineralizing cartridge because water without minerals cannot be ionized. This remineralizer sits discretely inside of filter housing either on top of or underneath your counter, and can also accompany an RO system. This cartridge is a great way to delivery a healthy mix of minerals that studies associate with good heart health, strong bones, and overall longevity.
  • IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH - Delivering 73 healthy minerals into your drinking water plus coral calcium in it's bio-available form
  • EASY TO USE - With a quick installation process shown in the images above you'll be drinking healthier water in no time.
  • LONG LASTING - Lasts up to 12 months before replacing
  • DISCRETE - Fits inside of the filter housing either on top or underneath your counter.
  • OFFICIAL MANUFACTURER - Only Life Ionizer pre-filters like this will work with your machine