Full Spectrum 3-Stage Filter System Counter Top or Under Counter System

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Super Filtration System to remove:

  • Heavy Metals plus Fluoride
  • Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs)
  • Hundreds of other chemicals

With three (3) Housings and brackets and all connections and fittings.

    Includes three (3) housings and all connections


    The Life Super Filter LF100 filter is specifically designed to reduce volatile organic chemicals introduced by municipalities and runoff in your drinking water by up to 99%! Tested and certified by an independent lab. This filter set sits discretely inside of filter housing either on top of or underneath your counter.

    For full lab results on our Super Filters and filter performance, you can view the full independent lab report here.


    The Super Filter LF-100F removes the fluoride added by municipalities to undetectable levels. This cartridge will also continue to reduce inorganic heavy metals such as cobalt and lead, cadmium , aluminum , mercury, chromium and chromium 6 (hexavalent), copper, barium, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, vanadium, antimony and many more


    5 Micron Advanced Activated Carbon Block Filter

    What does active carbon filters remove and reduce?

    Activated carbon can be effective in reducing hundreds of substances including contaminants and other chemicals from the tap water. However, the most cited studies by EPA and NSF claim effective removal of between 60-80 chemicals, effective reduction of another 30 and moderate reduction for 22.

    The range of effective removal is important and depends on the quality of the activated carbon used and in what form (GAC vs carbon block). Make sure to chose a filter that removes the contaminants of concern for your local tap water.

    According to EPA (the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States) Activated Carbon is the only filter technology recommended to remove 

    • all 32 identified organic contaminants including THMs (by-products from chlorine). 
    • all 14 listed pesticides (this includes nitrates as well as pesticides such as glyphosate also referred to as roundup) the 12 most common herbicides

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