2nd Generation PITCHER OF LIFE™ Replacement Filter

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  • Highest Quality Proprietary Media used
  • Generates the highest pH and -ORP of any pitcher filter
  • Pitcher, Lid, Filter housing (cartridge), Seal (clear "O-ring) is BPA-Free Polycarbonate
  • Replacement Filters Lasts 40 gallons or 2 months
  • NSF Certified: Carbon Media is NSF 41 and NSF61 Certified
  • Over 3,000,000 of our Healthy Alkaline Filters have been purchased by our Life Customers. Life Water Products are "Built to Last

Customer Reviews

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William Billings
In this day and time its imperative to drink clean water.

Best tasting water ever. It just works and you know you drinking super clean alkaline water.

PHchie water!

We had read that water with a higher ph was good for you. Purchasing bottles of higher ph at the store gets expensive so we did a bit of research and found this system. Advertising claims can be exaggerated and easily distorted so we when received the pitcher and filter we used our pool chemical kit and checked the water from the tap, from the refrigerator filter (we change it as suggested) and from another brand of water filtration and from a 9.5 ph bottled water. Happy to say the Pitcher of Life brand was as high as the expensive water bottle. Price is reasonable and certainly less than the bottled water. We are happy with this product, will continue monitoring to see how long it does its job!

Highly recommend

REPLACEMENT FILTER CARTRIDGE Lasted about two months as advertised. Tested pH once a week with Phinex Diagnostic Ph Test Strips, reading from 9.0 in beginning of July to 7.0 at end of August. This was my sixth time around. Had a major problem getting water to go through the filter properly. Very frustrating, until I decided to follow the suggested method by Brita (a brand I used before switching to Life Ionizer): Completely submerge filter in water for 30 minutes before installing to pitcher. Worked wonders! Convenient and cost effective with Amazon Prime.
WATER PITCHER Functional, nothing fancy. Digital counter does NOT work. I called my local distributor for a replacement part, but they simply recommended to make a two-month note on my calendar to replace the filter. So, it seems to be a manufacturer's flaw. Disappointed there for awhile. Health benefits far outweigh any ill feelings.

Delicious water!

I was a little leery about buying this product so I did a great deal of scientific research on several neutral sites before purchasing. I must say even though our tap water is considered some of the best water in New England, this product produced amazing results! No more buying Fiji water for me in RI. Will try it when I return to FL where the tap water is purely disgusting. If it works there, it's a total success!! Very happy with my purchase.

Boz Lady
Buy one filter instead of 3..budget fix!

Great, good 2 go 4 the next 90 days instead of paying a higher price for a pack of 3 filters.