Analysis of Water Quality: An Overview of Contaminants in Tap Water and Effective Solutions from Life Sciences Water

Analysis of Water Quality: An Overview of Contaminants in Tap Water and Effective Solutions from Life Sciences Water

Why Tap Water Testing is Crucial:
While tap water in many countries undergoes treatment to meet basic safety guidelines, it's not an absolute assurance of quality. Regulations often fail to address an extensive array of toxic chemicals. According to the EPA, out of 86,153 potential toxins, only 90 are regulated, leaving 86,063 substances unchecked. Among these are approximately 12,000 PFAS compounds, with only six under EPA monitoring. It’s time to delve deeper.

Contaminants Beyond EPA Standards in Tap Water
Regular tap water testing excludes many contaminants. Tens of thousands of chemicals are labeled “no legal limit”, and thousands of unregulated PFAS compounds. The 'safe' water running from your tap could be a cocktail of health hazards. This is where our water quality analysis report comes in as a life-saver, or more precisely, a health-saver.

Water Quality Analysis Report
Life Water Report sets the benchmark by meeting but exceeding EPA standards. Our comprehensive water quality analysis report covers a wide array of toxic chemicals and potential contaminants. We employ the latest technology in tap water analysis to give you an unprecedented view of your water's quality.

Life Water Report refuses superficial EPA checks. We analyze the presence, concentration, and potential risks of these compounds in your drinking water, allowing you to see the unfiltered truth - no pun intended.

LifeSciencesWater’s Advanced Water Filtration Systems
To make tap water safe, filtration is essential. Our site offers a wide range of high-quality systems, including Reverse Osmosis Systems that generate alkaline mineral water, Alkaline Water purifying generators, Hydrogen Alkaline Bio-Energy systems, and various types of filters and Pitchers.

Visit Our Website, LifeSciencesWater aims to provide the best in water quality improvement.

Life Sciences Hydrogen Alkaline Bio Energy Water System™ These advanced systems offer between 8 to 20 times more filtration and purification capacity. you can now enjoy faster, healthier, alkaline mineral-rich, antioxidant water straight from your faucet or neatly installed under your counter – ready to pour into your Free Bonus Life Borosilicate Glass Pitcher with Infuser. Stovetop ready to brew healthy alkaline coffee or tea. Wait till you taste the difference between alkaline coffee and tea – REALLY TASTY! And an excellent way to enjoy healthy alkaline drinks like mint, or basil herb or healthy lemon-lime alkaline drinks.

Alkaline Water Ionizers: The Superior Choice for Hydration
Our next-level Alkaline Water Systems™ and Water Ionizers™ offer enhanced hydration. The Nobel Prize-awarded research on aquaporins—tiny channels in cellular structures that facilitate water movement – this allows us to understand why alkaline water hydrates so efficiently. Alkaline water positively impacts these channels, allowing more effective hydration at a cellular level. Experience faster, healthier, and mineral-rich antioxidant water straight from your Life Sciences Water System.

Introducing Our Tankless Technology™ Countertop Alkaline Water Purifier
Maximize your counter space while enjoying fast, efficient filtration. Our Tankless Technology™ Countertop Alkaline Water Purifier™ ensures water purity and health.

It employs an ultra-filtration membrane as its primary treatment media, complemented by a total 4-filter Advanced multiple-stage pre-filtration and post-filtration system. These components work in synergy to effectively remove a wide array of contaminants including suspended sediment, rust, residual chlorine, lime scale, organic matter, and colloids. This results in cleaner, healthier drinking water. The device purifies water and enhances its taste by creating healthy alkaline, mineral-rich, antioxidant water.

Understanding Water Quality Analysis for better health
Water quality shouldn't just meet minimal standards; it should exceed them. With Life Sciences Water's comprehensive Free water quality analysis report and advanced filtration systems, you gain unparalleled insights and solutions for your water needs. The result is healthy mineral-rich, antioxidant, alkaline water that tastes great and hydrates you better.

We recommend the Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Water Purifying Generator™ for its specialized five-filter system that removes up to 98% of all water contamination, including PFAS. For more details, click here.


If you are concerned about the quality of your water, it's a wise idea to go to This Website and get a water report for your area. This is done by ordering your free analysis of your EPA-mandated water report.

Dive deep into the facts. Make empowered choices for you and your Family’s health and well-being.