Shower Filter Replacement Composite Filter + 4 Polymer Cotton Filters

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This is the replacement filter you need for your life ionizer shower filter system if your electronic readout has told you it needs replacing, the water flow is slowing or the filter has become discolored. Our highly advanced double-filtration filters are easy to install, work instantly and work for as long as two months. Keeping your shower water filtered, and you free from itchy skin, eczema, brittle nails, dandruff, and bone dry hair. These are the only filters that will work with your life ionizer shower filter system so order today to keep your water clean.
  • Rejuvenate Your Skin Hair And Nails Immediately - Chlorinated water can cause itchy skin, flaky dandruff, eczema, bone-dry hair and brittle nails but with our revolutionary double filtration activated carbon fiber and polymer cotton filter removing 99% of chlorine you’ll start seeing improvements immediately
  • Long Lasting - Each shower filter is able to process up to a massive 13,000 gallons of water, roughly 2 months of showers, staying healthy has never been easier.
  • Easy Installation - With a quick and simple installation process that fits all standard wall and ceiling mounted showers your Life Ionizer shower filter will be up and running in a matter of minutes.
  • Increase Water Flow - If the water flow in your shower has slowed down it's time to replace the filter with one of these reasonable priced replacement filters.
  • The Only Compatible Replacement Filter - This is the only replacement filter compatible with your Life Ionizer shower filtration system. Purchase now to keep your shower water filtered, clean and healthy.